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Yolandi Rossouw (née Ras) was born in Virginia in the Free State. She and her husband have been married for 21 years this year and has 1 daughter. She is passionate about self-empowerment and self-improvement. Her daughter attended the Girl-School course in Afrikaans with Anri van der Linde in 2019. This started her passion for girls and women.

Yolandi has worked for the Department of Education FS for almost twenty years and experienced first-hand industrial psychology at a higher level, before obtaining qualifications in cognitive therapy and advanced neurolinguistics programming at master’s level, as well as child psychology and the modern specialist area of ​​mindfulness in children, which seeks to help children focus, and overcome anxiety. Further qualifications include courses in Empathy, Bullying, Child Counselling and Wellbeing Support, Mindfulness for Teenagers and Schools, and also NVC (Non-Violent Communication).

She combines established neurological research with the well-known impact that the body/mind connection has on our success in life, and she wants to make it her mission to teach every woman and child that they are made excellent and wonderful and have the ability to control and determine the direction of their lives and choose the outcome themselves.

She also uses her social media platforms to empower women and has interviewed several personalities to give women free access to the knowledge they would otherwise have to pay for. Some of her guests include Johanni Steenkamp, Nadine Blom, Lynette Beer, and Gretha Wiid to name but a few.

She is also a published writer for Carpe Diem Media and has co-written three books published by Carpe Diem Media and Finesse Voelgoed Tydskrif: Hoe jy Opstaan is wat Saak Maak; Is jy doof vir God? en Foute wat (selfs oulike) Ma’s Maak . She was also part of Finesse Voelgoed Tydskrif and Nadia Beukes’ Los-die-Ma-Skuldgevoel webinar, where she spoke as a speaker about how we should allow our children to make mistakes and that love should never be linked to performance.

She was also involved in the digital women’s magazine, Momtrepreneurs SA, where as a columnist, she shared her knowledge with readers about life questions.

Yolandi is also the creator and Director of Women In Faith Initiative (WIFI) which aims to empower women. She is also a qualified SA Image Academy image consultant and stylist and owns her own image consulting business – WIFI Image Consulting, and believes that this will also empower her to reach women and girls on a deeper level and to bring their inner beauty into the open.

As the proud owner of Girl-School Garden Route, she cannot wait to start teaching young girls to shine their sparkles and use their combined beauty to bring change into this world.


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Topics Covered

What She Will Learn

Our Girl-School course is presented in a happy, FUN and safe environment that will positively impact your daughter’s development. This course will empower her with everyday life and behaviour tools, ideally put together to suit her age and level of understanding, presented by a handpicked, skilled Girl-School coach.

Your daughter will learn:

the true meaning of being “a lady” and she will be PROUD to call herself one

that it is her “inner beauty” that sets her apart from others

age-appropriate personal care tips

to cultivate a positive self-image and she will discover her “superpower”

more about table etiquette

why first impressions are so important and how to stand out for the right reasons

to love and respect her body as it is a gift from God

how to develop and practice good posture

being herself is just awesome… comparing is not

how to stand up for herself (even how to handle a bully)

The girls will each partake in a practical skin-care lesson on the day, it is so much fun! This is a true favourite amongst the girls as they love this special pamper time!


PLUS lots of laughter, games
and making special memories with new friends!

What is included?

At Girl-School, each girl receives fun, beautifully designed lesson notes and mirror cards to remind her of what she learned in class and that she can practice her new skills daily. Each girl receives a beautifully packed sample self-care kit, created exclusively for Girl-School, designed for young skins with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. It is made with food-grade ingredients and pure essential oils and ethically sourced from partners who represent the vision and heart of Girl-School. Our products are chemical-, paraben-, sulphur-, salt- and cruelty-free.

Facial Kit

Beautiful Notes & Cards

Nail Care Kit*

*Please note that the nail care kit is only included in our 2-day course

Watch the video below to get a sneak-peak of this amazing Girl-School experience

Available in English & Afrikaans  |  Small classes for individual attention  |  Various age groups  |  Available over weekends/holidays  |  Certificate upon completion

Our Courses


Sugar and spice, and all things nice; That’s what little girls are made of. Yet, there are thorns and thistles with hits and misses, they need loving guidance to navigate their way through this big world. Girl-School is designed for young girls from Gr 1 – 3 as a practical, FUN foundation for personal grooming, self-esteem and etiquette.

Girl-School Tween

From ribbons and curls of little girls to Teens with make-up and ripped jeans, Tweens fill the space from girly to grace, and do so without effort… it seems. Girl-School Tween is designed for Grade 4-7 girls to learn the ins and outs of first impressions, how to make a positive impact on herself and others, personal grooming, healthy friendships, and to navigate the amazing changes she is going through.

Girl-School Teen

Towels on floors and slamming doors could be in store for teenage girls. Girl-School Teen is presented to young ladies from Grade 8 – 11, empowering them with the skills required to navigate relationships with themselves and others, focussing on finishing and etiquette to make them well-rounded individuals and flourishing inside and out.

Our Teachers

Listelle Visser

Girl-School Teacher

Listelle is a model and Ambassador for various brands as well as Ms Western Cape Titleholder 2023 and Miss Cape Town Titleholder 2022, Mentor and Coach as well as Business and Insights Specialist.

She completed her undergraduate degree in B.Sc. Consumer Sciences and thereafter she did her Postgraduate Degree in Consumer Sciences with specialisation in the Psychology and Strategic Management fields.

As a skilled Consumer Scientist with a formal background in management; marketing; property management; hospitality; retailing; consumer behaviour and event management – she strongly believes that her skills and expertise in various industries makes her a good fit to join the Girl-School – family.

She enjoys 8 years of solid experience in the fields of business consulting and strategic management as well as in the events & hospitality industry – including in the marketing; public relations and retailing industries. 

Through the years, she worked in several marketing and management disciplines and environments where she worked closely with various other departments and the monitoring of market trends and consumer segments and consumer needs were crucial in order to keep up with competitor advantages and the overall brand image of a given company.

Additionally, she has more than two years’ experience in the property management industry where she gets to manage portfolios, properties, service providers, contractors and consumers on a daily basis.

Above all else, she views herself as a student of life. She has lived through much more than she thought she could handle and despite it all, she chose to continue to learn and grow.

As Serena Williams once said: “The success of every girl / woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up. Make sure you are courageous; kind and above all be humble.”

It’s been a challenging and tough journey. She stepped into the most empowered version of herself. Throughout the years, she has built a home within herself & it can be seen as a graceful place.

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Happy Parents

“Thank you for providing this space and opportunity for my daughter to develop her self confidence and learn valuable new skills. This was truly an investment in her future as this course empowered and inspired her to be a happy teenager in these challenging times that we live in today.”

Kerryn Soles
Girl-School Parent

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